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Who is Shawn?

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Master of Music (Mus. Ed.)
Boston University
Master of Digital Media
University of Newcastle Australia
Bachelor of Arts (Hons),
Audio Production

Middlesex University


Lecturer, Dissertation Supervisor (adjunct)
LASALLE College of the Arts
Lecturer (adjunct)
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Associate Lecturer
Republic Polytechnic
Associate Adult Educator
Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), Singapore University of Social Sciences
Trainer, Courseware Developer
Singapore Media Academy,


Endorsed Artist
De Gregorio Cajones (Spain)
Brand Ambassador
Martin 非洲鼓 Djembes (Singapore)
Advanced Certificate in Teaching & Assessment (ACTA) 
Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), Singapore
Certificate in Learning, Teaching, and Assessment
Middlesex University 



Upon discovering his fascination with rhythm and sound, Shawn marinated himself in both interests and spent his energies on performance, production, imagination, and endless play. Soon after studying with Mr. Ngoh Kheng Seng from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, he turned professional in 1999. Today, Shawn plays drums and percussion for concerts, shows, corporate events and pubs while practicing sound design, digital media, and music education as a freelance. As a percussionist, he is first call for many prolific artistes, musicians, and music producers in Singapore. He is endorsed by Lemon King djembes and De Gregorio cajóns, the latter alongside world-class drummers Dave Weckl, Sheila E., and Stewart Copeland.

During his formative years, Shawn had led his own cover and original bands, participated in numerous competitions including Singapore Chinese Rock Fest 1999, 新谣节2003 and Channel U Super Band 2006, and taught at various music schools around Singapore. He performed regularly at pubs, weddings, and events for 15 years, during which he was first-call for local artistes Nathan Hartono, Gareth Fernandez, ShiLi & Adi, Tay Kewei, Bevlyn Khoo, Chriz Tong, The Freshmen, and many more. He was the percussionist for Youtube artists Sungha Jung, Tiffany Alvord, and David Choi for their shows in Singapore and Australia between 2012-2014. Shawn also performed at prestigious events, including the 2009 Asian-Pacific-Economic-Cooperation dinner (dignitaries included Hillary Clinton) and SG50 national celebration at the Indoor Stadium which was graced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and over 10,000 people.

Apart from gigging and teaching music, Shawn was also active in production and leadership roles. He was a songwriter and demo arranger with Ocean Butterflies Ltd from 2001-2003, where he was mentored by one of its co-founders, the late Huang Yuan Cheng. Between 2003-2005 he co-led the children ministry at his home church, and from 2005-2008 served as the worship department’s music and music technology specialist. Shawn was a full-time audio engineer and sound designer at StereoImage Productions from 2008-2011, during which he worked on international broadcast animation and film. After 13 years in the creative industries, Shawn left his job as an audio manager at Images in Motion in 2012 to pursue further studies.  

Shawn currently lectures film sound, interactive media, sound design, music technology, music appreciation, and creative subjects part-time at Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Media Academy, and LASALLE College of the Arts, where he also supervises undergraduate dissertations while freelancing as a musician, educator, sound designer, and creative producer. His research interests lie mainly in urban ethnomusicology, media and technology, and music education. Shawn is amongst the 300 Adult Education Professionals in Singapore recognised by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) and the only one that specialises in both music and digital media. He also conducts online lessons where he facilitates up to an average of 90 students at a time. Shawn developed the Music Appreciation and Record Sound in a Studio Environment modules for The Singapore Media Academy between 2017 and 2019 and is currently the core trainer for their WSQ Diploma in Audio Production for Television and Broadcast. 


Teaching Style & Philosophy

PERCEPTIVE, EMPATHETIC, RELATIONAL, EMPOWERING. Shawn’s approach to education, apart from his experience in teaching, is informed by the formative years spent in the creative industries in multiple capacities. Believing that the arts is fundamentally a social activity that carries meaning and humans are the agency pertaining to all of its knowledge, in the same vein Shawn’s goal as an educator is to help his learners create (situated) knowledge that can be delineated by what Aristotle refers to as theoria, techne, and praxis:

- by providing a conducive environment for learning through respect and inclusivity; 
- by facilitating understanding through awareness and constant dialogue; 
- through creating opportunities for reflection; 
- by cultivating a desire for lifelong and ubiquitous learning with 21st century skillsets and more.  

To accomplish this, Shawn adopts a variety of strategies based on learning theories (including andragogy), industry KPIs, instructional planning and assessment principles, and personal pedagogy. He employs mainly Constructivist approaches including Vygotsky's ZPDLucy Green’s Informal Learning Pedagogy, Problem-Based Learning, Collaborative Learning, Gagnes’ Nine Events of Instruction, and facilitation techniques. In addition to measuring, Shawn designs his assessments to celebrate a diversity of strengths and artistic perspectives within the discipline he teaches, and accommodate a wide spectrum of proficiencies. 

Modules taught

Film Sound Practice

Sound Design for Video

Film Music Appreciation

Digital Media Integration

Composition for Multimedia

Sound for Multimedia

Live Sound Reinforcement

Music Technology and Skills

Media Formats & Genres

Interactive Media Production & Design

Cognitive Thinking & Processing

Creative Enterprise

Sound for Media & Foley Arts

Music Appreciation (WSQ)

Record Sound in a Studio Environment (WSQ)

Determining Requirements and Direct Sound Operations (WSQ)

Edit Sound Using a Digital Audio Workstation (WSQ)



research supervised

Audio Signal Processing with the Recorded Guitar Using Spectral Resynthesis Software: A Practice-Based Study for the Computer Musician

The rise of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in Singapore's Pop Music Culture.

Traces of Malay vocal ornamentation in Hari Raya songs from the 70s and 80s found in the vocal expression of modern Malay popular music in Singapore.

How Music Therapy Aids in Cognitive Rehabilitation: For People with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

In what ways has the album, as a collection of musical works, changed in importance in the Singaporean music industry?

A Local Investigation on the impact of Music Technology in the 21st Century on Music Creation and Learning.





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