It's no longer about teaching, but learning.



what they say

After so many years of recording some of the best cajón players in the world, one develops the ‘good cajónero detector.’ When we heard Shawn, it went on immediately. He is definitely ONE OF THE BEST IN ASIA today.
— Paolo De Gregorio, artisan, owner of DG cajóns

Shawn fills up so much space (not literally, he’s tiny) in the music we play, it’s ALWAYS A PLEASURE SHARING STAGE WITH HIM.
— Nathan Hartono, Singer-songwriter

Not just skilled in both performance and teaching, Shawn amazes me as an earnest and patient mentor who TRULY CARES ABOUT HIS STUDENTS’ LEARNING. There is non other like him.
— Dr. Li Bei, orthopedic surgeon, online student

Shawn is an exemplary teacher. Other than just being equipped with knowledge in his field of expertise, he TRULY UNDERSTANDS WHAT MAKES AN EXCELLENT EDUCATOR. He provides not only strong education but emotional support and guidance for his students, being approachable and understanding. It was such a pleasure and honour to be able to learn from him.
— Huraisha Rafee, BA(Hons) Music Student

Shawn guided me through the complexities of writing a dissertation by asking me key questions to keep me on topic, teaching me how to identify studies that were beneficial to my paper, and how to use my materials effectively. He was ALWAYS CONTACTABLE and RESPONSIBLE despite having multiple students under his belt at the same time.
— Jared Oh, BA(Hons) Music Graduate

In the two years that Shawn taught me drums, my playing improved significantly. His friendly yet passionate approach, CARE AS A MENTOR and friend INSPIRED ME to be who I am today, a drum and music coach.
— Jason Chan, Head Drum Coach, Believer Music

Shawn has a ‘CAN DO’ ATTITUDE. He would hunt down anything that needed to be changed or recorded...even when there were lots of sounds.
— Hillary Yeo, Short-film maker & Lecturer

SKILFUL, AUTHENTIC, and PROFESSIONAL. 肖恩 (Shawn) explains everything so clearly and ensures we understand. Shawn has given me my best online learning experience.
— Yao Bo Yang, Online Student

SHAWN’S UNIQUE APPROACH INSPIRES ME MUSICALLY. I find him down-to-earth, given his credentials. Always looking forward to making more good music with him.
— Sebastian Ho, Guitarist and Educator