It's no longer about teaching, but learning.

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it’s no longer about how you teach, but how they learn.


My students come from everywhere: teachers from Australasia, pastors from Europe, academics and award-winning artists from Asia, even an NMP from Singapore. I teach in all sorts of formats; face-to-face, prerecorded material, mobile applications. i believe that learning happens in spite of ourselves. as educators of today, we need to transform and surpass andragogy, 21st century skills, Glocalisation, even lifelong learning, and become acrobatic enablers of ubiquitous learning.



Who is shawn kok? 

Shawn Kok is a Singaporean musician, lecturer, educussionist, and recognised Adult Education Professional with millions of views across the globe. Known as an enterprising, bilingual comb-shaped arts practitioner and educator, his expertise maps reliably across four specialisations (music performance, digital media, audio production, arts education) in pre-school education, higher education, adult education, and online learning. Deeply believing in the revolution of learning, Shawn was part of the first wave of online music education, whose original Western-adapted djembe method in 2008 and subsequently cajón method in 2012 earned him the reputation as one of the Internet's most recognisable contemporary percussion teachers of today.

Shawn is currently a practising percussionist, online educator, adjunct lecturer at LASALLE, RP, and NIE (NTU), associate adult educator with IAL (SUSS), WSQ trainer and CET courseware developer with the Singapore Media Academy (Mediacorp). He is the Pop Cajón consultant and principal trainer for LOPSCA Studios (Shanghai), and an endorsed artist with Tycoon Percussion, Lemonking djembes, and Both Hands cajónes. Between 2014-2019 Shawn was an endorsed artist with De Gregorio cajónes (Spain). In 2018, Shawn became the first Singaporean music educator to conduct synchronous online music lessons to large classes in China (the largest one with 945 learners), and has taught over 3,000 people in this format.



More than 100,000
students taught across the globe

hours of professional practice
since 1999

hours of lectures, masterclasses, training, and online lessons conducted 


SHAWN exhibits excellent analytical and communication skills and has an acute ability to engage students through a range of delivery modes. Teaching into the School of Film and Animation, as well as multiple disciplines in the School of Contemporary Music, and working as a performing musician, SHAWN IS A TRUE EXEMPLAR OF INTERDISCIPLINARITY.
— Justin Hegburg, Programme Leader, LASALLE College of the Arts



Shawn teaches contemporary djembe online - in Mandarin - to students and working professionals from all over China. Watch a sample lesson below.



2019 非洲鼓线下培训再次登场,在武汉!



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